Variety and Options in Your Choices of Pilates

Pilates is an exercise method that has been around for decades.  The exercise routine in its rawest form was said to have been in existence years before the man credited with its development, into the method we know today, brought it to the world’s attention back in the early 1900s.  Joseph Pilates was the founder of the form Controlgy we know of as the Pilates method today.

Joseph Pilates passed away back in October of 1967.  But his legacy lives on today through the students and clients he trained during his time of owning his studio in New York.  Since that time however, many things have changed.  There are several Pilates organizations available for enthusiasts to join.  There are multiple forms of the method in which a student can participate and various styles of practice exist as well.

Some folks are committed to holding on to the original classic work of Joe Pilates.  Some people have a desire to change the practice of the method in the flow and the movement.  And still other folks want to enhance the routine by the way the technique of the moves are formed.

We want to look at the variety of the offerings available and bring an awareness to the Pilates community about it all.  We hope that this information will provide not only insight, but value to those who read it.  Plus it helps continue with the legacy of Joseph Pilates for the generations to come and it is our belief that you can’t truly progress and move forward if you don’t really understand the history of the subject that your trying to promote or improve upon.

The popularity of Pilates is growing all over the world and increasing among the people from all backgrounds and professions.  You’ll see studios popping up from the United States, India, Japan, England, Iran and more.  Plus, folks from all types of work including moms and dads, athletes, actors and actresses, dancers, teachers, and others.  With these increases, it will be good to know the information we are attempting to provide.

Pilates Isn’t Political, There are Just Differing Views and Goals

Hello and welcome to! I am Jim Morgan your statesman and congressman for Pilates and all things associated with it.  I am making this site as a way to educate and enlighten Pilates enthusiasts everywhere.  And while we may not be in perfect agreement, we will work on a bipartisan effort to share Pilates with the whole world.  Won’t you come join me?